October 24-26


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Copperstate Fly-in

Oct 23 - 25


Sun-N-Fun 2015 Apr 21 - 26 



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One of the Best Years in a very long time!

Although several WWI aircraft could not make it due to weather, more than expected WWII aircraft  were able to make it in.   Camping was seriously fun 

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Joseph Labert

Michael Taylor and his daughter Paris flew in to AirVenture and won the BEST WWII Trophy.    CONGRATS!!! 


This is the same plane that won Light Sport Reserve Grand Champion this year at Sun-n-fun!   Also on page 32 of current magazine.


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FW190A 3/4 Scale

1980, Lycombing engine GO435, 260HP, variable speed prop with pressure carburetor. VFR. Painted in JG26 markings Adolf Galland.












Updated !!!

John Westerinen putting the final touches on his Graham Lee Nieuport XI.  See story on page 12.

RFA\Airventure Camping News

Clubhouse Makeover

The EAA re-roofed the meeting room section and put in new inner walls.  They also fixed the door and built new steps for us.   Louie stopped by to say that today they put a new coat of paint on the outside.   The work the volunteers did was first class!   Thanks gang!!! 



New Trophies this year!

Tom Preuss is at it again with a new design.  He had an idea and found what he was looking for with the company that made last year's awards.  Joe Labert converted the logo Tony Pileggi created to a format they could use and the engraved the hanging medallion.



Joe and Louie painting

on Thursday, Joe and Louie painted the new walls in the office.   Anyone wanting to help paint the trim show up Friday morning bright and early! 

What's in your backyard???

Louie at the ready!

Lou got here first this year and was quick to see the repairs to the clubhouse and start the long process to get setup.   Thanks Lou!!!