October 24-26


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April 10-15

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July 23- 29

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Editors Choice

A Builders Reflection

Article Short

Last time we talked about some do’s and don’ts when building.   Another learned lesson – it is usually wise to start construction with an area that is simple/easy in order to build confidence.  Van’s RV kits do this by having builders assemble the tail pieces first.   Next, the builders typically transition to the fuselage kit and keep going.  Over the years I discovered that if I build the wings first – the fuselage became a chore and interest was easily lost.  However, building the fuselage before the wings allowed me to visualize the rest of the airplane – making the remaining parts  a means to an end rather than a chore!


Something not usually given much thought is companionship during the build – is it necessary?  Depends on the person of course.  However, I discovered early on that when I start a project at home, visitors are few and far between.  Some of my builder friends discovered this and after a couple of years of building in solitude, their project waned and then went to occupy the attic or corner space until sold.  To avoid this pitfall I recommend…


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