October 24-26


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Sun-N-Fun 2018

April 10-15

Lakeland, FL

AirVenture 2018

July 23- 29

Oshkosh, WI

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Warbird Replicas 75% Corsair

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The top of the center-section is complete and I made a set of cradles to hold the center section in the inverted position so I could finish the bottom.  Shortly after getting home from AirVenture this year, I assembled all the sections using the new cradle.   Talk about a feel good moment!


The center wing had undergone are design several time and I was not 100% sure that it would mate with the fuse with had not changed since it was originally drawn.  To my surprise, it was nearly a perfect fit.   Because the airfoil changed, the fuselage cradle (where the fuse meets the wing) will have to be handmade and then fed into the computer so I can reproduce the parts later.


Landing Gear

I have held off on designing my own or attempting to build an exact replica, even though I now have the majority of all of the Vought and Goodyear prints.  I’m still hoping to join-forces with Tony Pileggi to finish his design sometime in the future.  I’m not in a hurry anyway because my first two Corsairs are sold as static displays and as displays the gear will not be needed.


Where I Am Now

Flipping the center wing sections was a slow process, but I managed to get everything in place safely.  However, flipping the fuse has been…