October 24-26


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Sun-N-Fun 2018

April 10-15

Lakeland, FL

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July 23- 29

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Editors Choice

Replicas at Reno 2012

Article Short

Just got back from a week at the Reno Air Races where I was volunteering on the pylon judge crew.  As a newbie they didn’t let me actually be a pylon judge as you have to put in a couple years in course ground traffic control before moving up.  In addition to working with a great bunch of people, this job get you access to the course and pits for the entire week.  I spent a lot of time wandering around in the pits talking to crews.  Of interest to the RFA was the Legend Fighter hanger where two aircraft that were competing in the sport class resided.  Also there was an interesting, one-off aircraft that was for sale.  Imagine you took the designs for a Mustang, a Spitfire and a Hurricane, put them in a blender and came out win an amalgam design.  Here it is:

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